Our Board


Unlike traditional boards, our leaders are driven not by profit, but in fact by the very premise that building long-lasting business partnerships with our customers yield the greatest rewards for both EQUOLOGIX and its customers. Our Board is governed by industry standards, compliance, transparency and accountability. Every directive, every decision made is driven by the broader picture in mind. Decisions that are measured and are tangible. Such that our customer’s bottom line benefits from.

EQUOLOGIX, founded on the premise that organizations expect more. Leadership. Expertise,  accountability, transparency, that is what defines us. Our founders, industry leaders who raised
the bar in Professional Services [Consulting] search, career placement and flexible staffing. EQUOLOGIX delivers strategic staffing solutions driven by commitment to excellence. The truth is,
we all have the power to be exceptional, phenomenal at all that we do, all which defines us. That  is what drives EQUOLOGIX. Our seasoned Subject Matter Experts offer Professional Services, temporary staffing, direct hire  and contract-to-hire services across varying disciplines covering all industries.

We understand the ever-changing dynamics of our customer base and their environments. As such, we offer  organizations Subject Matter Experts [SMEs] to assist in all of your staffing needs.


EQUOLOGIX. Empowering our customers™