How it works

Our methodology

We take a holistic approach to our services.  Using industry best practice and methodologies, we frame our services within an agile framework for which yields the best results for our customers.

Assessment Phase

Our team meets with our customers. We discuss in depth, the scope of the project, or challenges they are faced with.  We gather data, information and contact details for all stakeholders.  That allows us to define the broader picture, as well as define the best approach.

Design Phase

Based on customer data, scope of work, and deliverables, our Subject Matter Experts [SMEs] produce the design for the solution.  The solution is then shared with our customer. Once approved, we move onto the POC Phase.

Proof of Concept [POC]

Let’s face it. The end-user experience is key when it comes to technology.  If you users and leadership buy into a given technology and service, it equates to end-user acceptance and higher productivity. As part of the [POC] process, we deploy a highly scalable, reliable and redundant solution, identify key players for which can test the system, and with feedback, make any changes necessary to certify the solution.

Implementation Phase

The entire project is documented, from start-to-finish. This documentation is provided to our customers at the completion of the project. This phase is all about scalability.   We have delivered on the framework and certified it.  Depending on customer’s needs, we simply scale the solution as needed.

Management Phase

During this phase, we focus on knowledge transfer, training required, management facets and offer our customers managed services for which can augment their internal resources.

Support Phase

We are here to help.  Whether you are a managed services customer, a support contract customer or simply call us from time-to-time, we are ready to take on your challenges.  Onsite or mote support are options for our customers.


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