Disaster strikes, will you be ready?

Business of all sizes, all sectors often fail to define, implement and support a true Disaster Recovery strategy as part of their Business Continuity Plan [BCP]. The truth is, businesses are typically busy worrying about profits and growth. The fact is that any system outage equates to loss of revenue. In some cases, a disaster can mean the end of an organization. We operate in a landscape riddled by risks:

Each of these can become a nightmare for your business if proper planning is not in place.  Fortunately BCP/DR technologies have become mainstream and very affordable.  In essence, any business can implement safety nets to mitigate these risks.  At EQUOLOGIX we specialize in risk management.  We leverage not only our extensive knowledge-base and expertise, but also, technologies from Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Nasuni, eVault, Citrix and Symantec just to name a few.  Contact us today!