Augment call center CSR staffing


The client, an up and coming provider of Customer Service Services required the ability to quickly augment CSR personnel.  Many of their customers are seasonal and therefore, call volumes could changes dynamically and periodically.

Industry Landscape

The client a leading call center services provider is often pressed to augment its team of Customer Service Agents.  This industry is highly challenged by the dynamics of their customers, but also the internal issues related to human resources.


Customer cited challenges as follows:

  • External customers would often provide little to no notice when business would call for more CSRs
  • Internal staffing is challenged since there is a high turnover rate
  • Multiple shifts would often become necessary based on newly acquired clients
  • Finding reliable and efficient CSRs was challenging in the local market


EQUOLOGIX, understanding this industry allocated an internal staffing SME.  The SME was dedicated to this client, and successfully identified within our database of resources a pool of highly skilled and reliable CSRS.   All of which preferred seasonal and or shift work.


The client was now able to meet the needs of its internal client base.  Our agile staffing solution, enabled the client to add, remove and replace CSRs as needed.  a total of three shifts were now being covered.  Revenue as reported increased by 25 percent, due to the efficiency of the operations.  The client was now able to take on new clients without hurting the Quality-of-Service.

Key Success Factors

Flexible Candidates
  • Able to work varying shifts
  • Preferred seasonal work
  • Pool of multi-lingual resources
  • Able to report to work on short notice

The client’s preexisting relationship with EQUOLOGIX helped solidify this engagement. The client was confident in our abilities based on past EQUOLOGIX Global Services projects, including in areas of staff augmentation and Human Capital Management. Based on this relationship, the client felt they didn’t need to go through a formal RFP process prior to selecting EQUOLOGIX to drive the ongoing CSR staffing program.