Corporate Information

EQUOLOGIX has been providing services to its client base for decades, offering staff recruitment and information technology professional services as part of its broad services portfolio. We are driven by providing our customers enterprise-class IT best practices and methodologies. Our skills and expertise has enabled us to become true business partners to our clients which span multiple verticals i.e. Healthcare [Medical Plans, Medical Centers, Pharmaceuticals & Manufacturing]. Software Manufacturing, Government, Television & Broadcasting, Automotive, Consulting Professional Services, Mergers and Acquisition [Outsourcing/insourcing] among many others.

EQUOLOGIX is defined as agile, transparent and accountable. We are an organization with over 20 years of cumulative industry experience and multinational exposure. Comprised of a team which has the expertise to proactively assist clients at all levels of System Development Life Cycle. Unlike traditional IT solutions providers, our services encompass the full spectrum of information technology from start to finish. As opposed to only delivering managed components, leaving the bulk of management responsibilities on you, EQUOLOGIX empowers internal information technology departments to focus on more pressing strategic issues to drive the core of your business

Our key differentiators in the marketplace include:

  • Enduring collaborative client relationships to safeguard Service Delivery
  • Global breadth and depth across more than 40 industries and hundreds of offerings addressing key business and technology issues
  • World’s largest independent technology services provider, with proven track record for complex, end-to-end transformational projects
  • Global Delivery Network that provides clients with high-quality solutions, lower costs and quicker results
  • The best people in our industry, functionally specialized in particular industries and/or technological skills
  • Powerful culture of innovation, collaboration and teaming
  • Exceptional IT Staffing skills given that our vetting process is driven by certified professionals in the area for which we are sourcing talent

Our “high performance business” strategy is to use our expertise in consulting, technology and outsourcing to help clients achieve performance at higher levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and stakeholders. We use our industry and business-process knowledge, our service offering expertise and our insight into, and understanding of, emerging technologies and new business and technology trends to formulate and implement solutions with and for our clients. Our strategy is focused on helping clients improve their operational performance, deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently, and grow their businesses in existing and new markets.

EQUOLOGIX. Empowering our customers™